Street Fighter

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One of the big video games of my youth was Street Fighter.

Now I’ve got it for my iPod! Gotta love it.


Netflix for iPod

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Last week saw the release of the highly anticipated Netflix app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I downloaded it as soon as I heard it was available.

Noel and I have been enjoying our Netflix subscription immensely. We have the least expensive unlimited plan. Comes to just under $10 per month, we get one DVD at a time and unlimited access to their Watch Instantly selection. We’ve been making full use of the watch instantly. There is a good selection of movies available and the technology works well.

I was very excited to try Netflix on my iPod. That way I can view shows that Noel doesn’t necessarily want to see and she can use the laptop.

I’ve been using the app pretty heavily over the past two days and I have to say I’m very impressed. I have encountered some issues with the app crashing or refusing to play but overall the selected video loads quickly and plays with little or no noticeable buffering.

And these results come from a connection with download speeds topping out about 500 kbps, and with at least one other person using the same network. The feature of the app that analyzes your connection speed and automatically delivers appropriate video apparently works.

Now if the rumored 3G iPod appears next month and this app works as well on that device, I’ll be very happy.

PS- And I’m thrilled with the battery life. On a full charge, I watched three episodes of Stargate: Atlantis and I still had more than 20 percent charge left. It seems to me watching videos stored on the iPod itself uses power at a far greater rate than this app does.

Homemade iPod stand

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iPod stand - 1

I’ve been watching a lot more videos on my iPod Touch recently, thanks to the Netflix app.

And I’ve been longing for some kind of stand on which to place the iPod so I don’t have to hold it the entire time I’m watching.

I’ve found lots of manufactured options available on the net. And some day I will probably purchase one of them. But I had a brain-fart this morning and thought this up.

Works pretty good, but one day I will buy one of the pre-made models that fold flat so I can take it with me on trips.

iPod stand - 2

Free games and iPod camera

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I downloaded the free geoDefense Lite game the other day.

I enjoy playing it. But it is crazy difficult. Not sure I want to pay money to be so frustrated!

On the other hand I also snagged a lite copy of the new NHL 2K11, which is an excellent game. I’ve had a few issues with the game bogging down and crashing. But they will get those kinks worked out, so I’m definitely putting that one on my “to buy” list.

In other iPod news, the rumor-mill is running full speed ahead in advance of Apple’s Sep 1 press conference. Top of the list is the next gen Touch getting a camera, as well as Apple’s FaceTime. FaceTime interests me a bit, I could chat face-to-face with my Beloved whenever I’m away on a bus trip.

But nothing would make me happier than having a camera in my iPod! Being able to shoot pics and vid. Edit right on the device. And be able to post it on the net right from the device too. It will be a dream come true.

We’ll have to see what Apple reveals Wednesday.

Stone Wars

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I’m always on the lookout for free iPod Touch games.

Recently I came across a game titled Stone Wars which is being given away for a limited time.

It’s a short game. I’ve already beaten it, but I enjoyed it very much.

Very challenging, but not too much. And pretty humorous.

Check it out while it is free.

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