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I write a lot about how little money we live on. But it occurred to me the other day I have never really touched on the subject of welfare, and I began to wonder how many folks think we’re only able to live this way because we rely on it.

So I wanted to make this unequivocal statement:

Noel and I do not take any form of welfare whatsoever.

It’s not that we are too proud to ask for assistance, or that we think getting help when you need it is wrong. We’ve asked for and gotten help in the past (though never from the government).

The government programs are broken, there are too many abuses of the system. I’ve seen too many folks using their EBT cards to buy food, then immediately turning around to purchase expensive clothing, booze or cigarettes with cash.

It has long been our goal to learn to live well on very little income, but one of the primary requirements in that journey has been to do it on our own two feet. And — thank God — we are.


Life is for living

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All what little money I had saved was spent in the move home to Missouri. We’re just now — one year later — to the point where there is a little left in the coffers at the end of the month.

Now the smart person would take the little bit left over and set it aside for a rainy day. Me, on the other hand, will take my Beloved out for a meal. Or I’ll buy a roll of film, or a book.

I was thinking about this recently and came to a conclusion. Life is for living, not for setting aside in anticipation of some future event which may or may not occur.

When I have a little left over, I’m going out to dinner, I’m going to go to the movies. Afterwards if I still have some extra, then I’ll put some in savings.

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