Analog in a digital world

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There’s something special about paper and pencil.


It’s something you can hold. Something you can look at. No further technological input required.

What I wrote earlier tonight — barring catastrophe — could be picked up 100 years hence and read.

It won’t matter what a computer looks like then, or even if they exist at all.

My great-great-grandchildren with their direct neural connections to the net could find the (paper) notebook in which I wrote this post and see what I had to say. This blog will be long gone.

It’s one of the reasons I prefer my photography as prints.

Physical analog copies have a staying power that bits and bytes cannot have unless the keeper of the information has the time and money for the constant upgrading of file formats and storage media.

Five-and-a-quarter inch disks made way for 3.5’s which were replaced by CD-ROMs until Blu-Ray came along. Hard drives are starting to fall to flash-based media. Computers are obsolete the day after you buy them.

My shoebox of prints and negs will also be there 100 years from now.

The upgrade cycle is great for tech company’s bottom lines. I am weary of it.



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I am completely and utterly sick of Facebook.

The hacking and the leaking of private information. The constantly changing interface.

The annoying requests to help find peoples’ virtual goats, or to help their “mafia” whack some sucka.

The bullshit memes which spread like viruses.

The people whom I haven’t seen in years who ask to be my “friend” then get pissed off at what I have to say and don’t talk to me.

The folks with whom I wish I could have real discourse but who now refuse to speak to me except through Facebook chat.

It seems like Facebook is taking over our lives. Even Wal-Mart has fallen to its wiles with big “Find us on Facebook” ads on their receipts.

I thought — in the beginning — it would be a good way for friends and family to keep in touch. But I think its gotten out of hand.

Enough is enough.

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