Last week saw the release of the highly anticipated Netflix app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I downloaded it as soon as I heard it was available.

Noel and I have been enjoying our Netflix subscription immensely. We have the least expensive unlimited plan. Comes to just under $10 per month, we get one DVD at a time and unlimited access to their Watch Instantly selection. We’ve been making full use of the watch instantly. There is a good selection of movies available and the technology works well.

I was very excited to try Netflix on my iPod. That way I can view shows that Noel doesn’t necessarily want to see and she can use the laptop.

I’ve been using the app pretty heavily over the past two days and I have to say I’m very impressed. I have encountered some issues with the app crashing or refusing to play but overall the selected video loads quickly and plays with little or no noticeable buffering.

And these results come from a connection with download speeds topping out about 500 kbps, and with at least one other person using the same network. The feature of the app that analyzes your connection speed and automatically delivers appropriate video apparently works.

Now if the rumored 3G iPod appears next month and this app works as well on that device, I’ll be very happy.

PS- And I’m thrilled with the battery life. On a full charge, I watched three episodes of Stargate: Atlantis and I still had more than 20 percent charge left. It seems to me watching videos stored on the iPod itself uses power at a far greater rate than this app does.