Country ride

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I’m not really sure why I thought our tires would not be good on gravel. Since my last post on that topic, we’ve been doing a number of short little rides on gravel and have had no problems. So this evening we struck out to see how far we could go.

Here’s a map of our route:

Aug 6 bike ride map

We were going to head out and bicycle through the Osage Prairie Conservation Area, but we got to Highway 71 and stood waiting for about 5 minutes. U.S. 71 southbound was a solid, non-stop stream of cars. I said “no way” and we turned around and headed out east where we wouldn’t have to cross any major highways. We’ll save the Osage Prairie adventure for some early Saturday or Sunday morning when 71 is deserted.

Aug 6 bike ride elevation graph

The neat little elevation graph comes from VeloRoutes.Org. Very neat web site.

Took some time out to get some better photos of my Huffy Sea Trails!

Aug 6 bike ride - 28

Aug 6 bike ride - 04

Aug 6 bike ride - 47

Aug 6 bike ride - 35

It was funnier than heck to me, we really spooked the livestock. I don’t think they’d seen anything like us before!

Aug 6 bike ride - 23

And we made sure to take our time and enjoy the sights!

Aug 6 bike ride - 12

Aug 6 bike ride - 59

Corn should be ready to harvest soon.

Aug 6 bike ride - 41

And here we are rolling back into Milo shortly before sunset.

According to VeloRoutes we rode about 8.5 miles round trip. And going by the time stamps on my photos we were out for little more than an hour. Not a bad pace, especially seeing how we were seriously taking our time and enjoying ourselves! This was the best ride we’ve had in a very long time. And I’m upset that we haven’t been out exploring like this more often.



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On our evening ride tonight we took this little gravel lane we hadn’t been down before. It dead-ended and we turned around.

On the way back we passed a place with several dogs. This Australian shepherd came out to meet us and trotted along behind us for a bit. About that time several of the other dogs noticed us and came running out snarling.

One dog in particular was nipping right at my heels. I looked back for a second and the shepherd charged the little nipper and turned him away from us.

It was great watching that dog protect us from his friends.

I’ve always loved Australian shepherds.

Great evening ride

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huffy sea trails – 10, originally uploaded by Nick David Wright.

Had a great ride around Milo tonight with My Beloved on our old three-speed bicycles.

I love those old bikes.

Gotta get better photos.

A bike ride

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Noel and I love to ride our bikes around the loop here in Milo. But that loop is pretty short and it gets a little monotonous sometimes.

So last night, we took a turn down one of the little gravel lanes that leads out into the country.

Which was great fun, but we didn’t go far. It was getting late. And the narrow, little tires on our bikes just don’t handle the gravel that well. Which I found out when I hit a particularly loose patch just as a car was trying to pass. I didn’t go down, but it was a very un-fun moment.

So needless to say, that got me thinking about bicycles designed to handle surfaces other than pavement. Now I’ve got my eye on this beauty:

It’s the Trek 3700. Noel and I dreamt all evening yesterday about just hopping on the bikes and hitting the country roads and exploring. Sounds like fun.

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