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Robert Heinlein - 1

Three Heinlein books I recently found.

I love to read. Early on I gravitated towards science fiction. And sometime in middle school — I believe it was the sixth grade — I got ahold of my first novel by Robert Heinlein. It was “Have Space Suit, Will Travel.”

Since then I’ve been reading every book of his that I can find, but for the longest time it seemed as though I were stuck in a rut. The only books I found of his were the same ones I’d read dozens of times already. But this past month I’ve managed to locate several that I had not seen before.

The three pictured above I found last weekend at the Books and Grannies used book store in Fort Scott, KS. I decided to write a little about these three because they are remarkable to me.

First, “Starman Jones” now ranks as one of my favorite stories. I don’t think there is anything particularly special about it, it’s just that I enjoyed it very much.

Part of that though might be due in part to the fact that the other two books — “Menace from Earth” and “The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag” — contain the darkest and mind-bendingest stories from Heinlein I’ve ever read yet.

I am very glad that I saved “Starman Jones” to read last.

Robert Heinlein - 2

My bookshelf is dominated by Heinlein.


Hot Air

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The metal cart banged on the swinging door of the cooler as the stocker emerged from the chilly room onto the sales floor.

A group of shoppers turned at the noise, and noticed the bundled-up young man.

“What are you wearing a coat for?” One of them asked, grabbing the collar of the garment.

“It’s cold in there,” he replied.

“Are you a pussy? I wouldn’t need a coat to work in there!”

“Well if I was as full of hot air as you, I wouldn’t need a coat either.”

Inner beliefs

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I found this quote in Robert Heinlein’s book, “Revolt in 2100,” and I had to share.

“My religious faith is a private matter between me and my God. What my inner beliefs are you will have to judge by my actions … for you are not invited to question me about them. I decline to explain them nor to justify them to you. Nor to anyone …”

I love Heinlein.

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