I downloaded the free geoDefense Lite game the other day.

I enjoy playing it. But it is crazy difficult. Not sure I want to pay money to be so frustrated!

On the other hand I also snagged a lite copy of the new NHL 2K11, which is an excellent game. I’ve had a few issues with the game bogging down and crashing. But they will get those kinks worked out, so I’m definitely putting that one on my “to buy” list.

In other iPod news, the rumor-mill is running full speed ahead in advance of Apple’s Sep 1 press conference. Top of the list is the next gen Touch getting a camera, as well as Apple’s FaceTime. FaceTime interests me a bit, I could chat face-to-face with my Beloved whenever I’m away on a bus trip.

But nothing would make me happier than having a camera in my iPod! Being able to shoot pics and vid. Edit right on the device. And be able to post it on the net right from the device too. It will be a dream come true.

We’ll have to see what Apple reveals Wednesday.