Field Notes

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WordPress has a neat new feature, let’s see if it works …!/nickdavidwright/status/663665288159232

Yup, it works! Cool.

Seriously. Had some funny thought pop into my head whilst at the library. And I lost it somewhere on the side of Highway 71. Well, maybe someone walking will find it and get a good laugh.

I’ve always liked to have a pocket notebook and pencil with me, but it is a habit I’ve fallen out of lately. I found the good blog Pencil Revolution a while back and they recently were talking up the Field Notes Brand pencils and notebooks.

The Field Notes appear to be good high quality stuff and made in the USA to boot! Will be placing an order soon.




I got to looking at the stats for my blog.

Usually I get 2-3 hits a day, but the day I write about visiting the ER thinking I’d broke my foot suddenly I have 67 folks reading my blog.

I wonder what exactly that means.

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