Tire size


So I feel like a complete idiot.

The Trek bikes we had before had 700×35 sized tires. The 35 standing for 35mm wide.

The old 3-speeds we have now have 26×1-3/8 inch tires. Which are, obviously, one and three-eighths inches wide.

Just going by memory, I would’ve sworn that our current tires were wider than the 700x35s. And I’ve been attributing our greater success riding gravel roads to having wider tires.

Tonight I got to wondering exactly what the relationship was width-wise, so I plugged the numbers into a conversion calculator.

Anyone wanna hazard a guess what happened next?

I found out that one and three-eighths inches is just about almost exactly … 35mm. :^]



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I tried to beat a storm to work on my bicycle, I didn’t make it.

Trying to
beat it as
it’s coming.

Getting caught
in it as
it comes.

Dripping on
the floor
of the store
waiting for it to go.

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