My love/hate relationship with color

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Sometimes I just really can’t stand my color work. Then other times I like it.

I’ve been working on some recent color films. Things like these shots just wouldn’t be the same in black and white I think.

MKT Mural

Civil War Mural



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Today was the last day the legendary Kodachrome will ever be processed.

I’m disappointed.

I have to admit I’ve never shot a frame of Kodachrome.

By the time I got back around to film, its discontinuation had already been announced so I never bothered.

But Kodachrome is everything I want in a color film. Namely true-to-life colors and proven longevity.

I’m not shooting much color right now, but the little I do I wish it were Kodachrome.

Blog shuffle

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A couple weeks back, I completely scrapped my photoblog and began anew.

Tonight, I did it again.

Two reasons.

One, I don’t like my color work.

I’ve been shooting a lot of color because the only film available in my tiny little town are the Fuji packs at the Wal-Mart. They quit carrying the Kodak BW400CN a while back. Not even talking about real silver b&w film.

So I shoot the color film, then I post the color pictures and I’m not happy. Sure I can always hit the “b&w” button in photoshop, but I’ve never been pleased with that route either.

So I am making a (quasi-as-long-as-I-feel-like-it) commitment to shooting black and white. Which meant the color crap had to go.

Two, Blogger finally added a functionality to their design thingy which allowed me to create the blog I envisioned.

I’ve long preferred the single column blog format, especially ones which allow you to post your pictures wide. Blogger enabled that a while ago. But you could only have one column of widgets at the bottom, which just looked horrible.

I noticed just recently though they’d added the option to have one, two or three columns of widgets across the bottom. So I had to jump on it. Because now I can post my pictures at the delicious 900 pixels wide which looks so good on my laptop!

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