I’ve been looking at getting myself a new pocket digicam and one thing has struck me.

It seems that folks really don’t like cameras which take AA batteries. While I on the other hand love them and cannot bring myself to consider any p&s that doesn’t operate on the common battery.

The reason is very simple. To purchase a spare Li-Ion battery you’re going to spend $40-50 each. But you can get four rechargeable double-As for $10 (four AAs being equal to two sets of spares since most cameras only need two).

Yes the cameras with proprietary batteries are smaller. So what? I don’t have large hands and most of those cameras are too small even for me to use comfortably. Yes, the Li-Ions last a little longer (which is debatable) but if you can’t afford a spare and your power runs out you’re just out of luck.

I was at a Best Buy several months ago looking at cameras, the salespeople really tried to steer me away from AA cameras. I can understand why though, lots more commission for them if I spend $100 on two spares instead of $10 for the same thing. But you’d think the average consumer would be a little smarter.