Beloved I love making portraits.

But making great portraits requires something extraordinary.


The portraits I make of my Beloved are my favorites.

Not only because I love her and she is the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet.

But because of the relationship we have.

She has — through years of long-suffering patience — become accustomed to my pointing a camera at her.

She is easy in front of the lens. She doesn’t have to force a smile. She doesn’t — usually — feel self-conscious.

Some photographers can build this kind of rapport with people in minutes. It is very difficult for me. I am an introverted person. Making relationships is something that is hard for me to do quickly. I usually have to work at it a while.


Some portrait sitters are very comfortable during a session needing little or no coaching.

I always enjoyed being assigned to make portraits of actors. They are usually completely at ease in front of the camera and they know exactly how they want to appear in the photo.

It occurs to me that some photographers probably don’t like that last aspect though. I was always very happy. I could show up, find (or make) the good light and shoot dozens of good portraits in a very short time.

But still I love portraiture. Probably because of the challenge it presents me.