School busses

Well the first full week of school is ended. I enjoyed this job last year, but I really love it this year. There are a number of differences.

First, I have my own route. I know what time I have to be at the bus barn every morning. I know where each of my stops are and what time I’m to be at them.

The biggest differences though are really related to the rest of my life. Last year was a rush, and I don’t mean that in a good way either. I was driving into town three or more times a day. I was trying to work at WalMart in the evenings. I was very stressed out and constantly exhausted. It was not a fun time.

This year is much more relaxed. My other job is only every other weekend, and every other Monday. I can’t believe I actually get a weekend to myself again! That every other Monday will be kinda rough, but not too bad.

When I get done with my route, I can take my time leisurely shutting the windows and checking the bus. No more zooming through the post-run because I have to be at my other job five minutes ago.

I … LOVE … it!!!

Now, if I can just figure out what I want to do for my own business so that I don’t even have to work that every other weekend job I’ll be golden!