Laying down our “all.” Even for those who hate us.

Christ gave us that example to live up to. Most of us think of it in terms of dying for someone else. What if we think about it in terms of laying down our pride?

Quite a bit harder, it seems like.

Few of us will be asked to give our very life. But our testimony of Love is damaged every day because we refuse to lay down our pride.

It is human pride that leads us to declare; “We are right, you are wrong!” It is pride of the worst sort that compels us to damn people to an eternity of unimaginable suffering because they disagree with us.

Where do we humans get this insatiable need to be “right?” I’m more than guilty in this regards. I spent much of my adult life arguing right and wrong as it comes to religion, while ignoring what the religion was trying to teach.

Live life! Be good to one another! Love one another! How did we ever turn that into “you’re going to hell!”?

Faith is believing in something without knowing (Hebrews 11). How do we figure that we could ever convince folks of something we don’t know ourselves?

I have faith in Love. I  believe that Love could transform this world. But I’ll never convince anyone of that with words. I can only live it, and allow Love to transform me. And hopefully Love will infect those around me, and we can have a Love epidemic! 🙂

God is Love!