The new school year starts a week from this Thursday!

On the one hand this summer feels as though it’s lasted forever, on the other hand I can’t believe it’s over.

We had our first bus driver’s meeting yesterday, and I had my annual physical this morning.

I am ashamed to say that I have gained back 20 pounds. I was so pleased last year to see the scale stop at 200, and so angry to see it reading 220 today! Not that I didn’t expect it, I haven’t been doing much exercise lately. This is something I need to immediately rectify!

Anyway, I am so happy to have my own bus route this year. No more subbing! This means a couple things.

First I will get to know the route. I’m good with maps, but trying to keep an eye on the road and an eye on the map and an eye on the kids leaves me a couple eyes short.

Second I will get to know the kids. I’ll be able to learn their names and their personalities. No more, Hey you! Who me? Yes, you!

Thirdly they will get to know me. As a sub it’s difficult because each driver is a little different in the discipline department. You don’t know what to expect, and neither do the kids. As the route’s driver, my kids will learn exactly what they can and can not get away with very quickly.

Fourth it’s a steady income. Theoretically subbing pays more, but it’s sporadic. Some days they call you, and some days they don’t. With my own route, I know exactly how much I’ll be making per month every month.

After the physical today, I went by the bus barn and picked up last year’s map of the route so I can study it. I also picked up the keys to my bus. Our busses have symbols so the young ones can easily tell which bus they ride. My bus is the giraffe.

I can’t wait, I’m very excited!