Noel and I love to ride our bikes around the loop here in Milo. But that loop is pretty short and it gets a little monotonous sometimes.

So last night, we took a turn down one of the little gravel lanes that leads out into the country.

Which was great fun, but we didn’t go far. It was getting late. And the narrow, little tires on our bikes just don’t handle the gravel that well. Which I found out when I hit a particularly loose patch just as a car was trying to pass. I didn’t go down, but it was a very un-fun moment.

So needless to say, that got me thinking about bicycles designed to handle surfaces other than pavement. Now I’ve got my eye on this beauty:

It’s the Trek 3700. Noel and I dreamt all evening yesterday about just hopping on the bikes and hitting the country roads and exploring. Sounds like fun.